It’s football, Anders, but not as we know it

As someone who makes a living from writing about sport, the news that we may be less than a month away from football resuming in Scandinavia – and therefore, potentially, other countries in Europe, is very welcome.

I can’t be alone in having recently taken a hitherto untapped interest in football in Belarus, Nicaragua and Tajikistan in recent weeks. They were among the few places that didn’t shut down due to COVID-19, but every league I cover hasn’t played a game in weeks.

While clubs will almost certainly have to play matches behind closed doors, it will be interesting to see if others follow the example of Danish club FC Midtjylland, who will stream their games into the car park, allowing fans to ‘drive in’ to games.

The pandemic is forcing us all to change the way we do things, and football clubs are no exception. What other innovations across the world of sport might we see in order to get games on and leagues finished?

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