Voiceover – advertising, audio books, podcasts, video scripts

If you are looking – or listening out for – a British male voice ready for a range of voiceover roles, then you have found one.

Involved in podcasting since 2006, I have done voiceovers for large companies, smaller independents and other organisations as well as podcasts and video presenting during my work as a journalist and in digital marketing. I’ve even done live sports commentary and radio presenting.

I have my own recording setup – you will not need to hire a studio – and I will always complete voiceovers to meet your deadline. I am also happy to complete revisions – even if you just want one word or phrase amended – to ensure you get the voiceover you need.

Please have a listen to some examples of my work in the video and audio clips below and if you think my voice would be a good fit for your project, I would love to hear from you – please use the form below or email voiceover@jspennington.com to get in touch.

Corporate Video Voiceovers

Learning Resource Voiceover


Please get in touch via the form below or email voiceover@jspennington.com to find out more, or get a quote.

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