My most embarrassing…cricket experience

I’ve played lots of sport in my life and predictably, have suffered plenty of embarrassing moments along the way.

My most embarrasing moment on a cricket field is easy to pick out. This excerpt comes from Return To The Crease, one of my first e-books which you can now download for free for a few days.

The last game I played in saw me fielding at gulley where I put down a sharp chance. It even gave me a bruise on my hand! Chasing a modest score, we folded to 93 all out, with my contribution being a golden duck – leaving a straight ball – after I’d walked out to bat with a cushion that I was using to support my back while scoring, still up my jumper.

Can anybody else match that? I mean, a dropped catch and a golden duck would be bad enough but leaving a straight one…all the while with a cushion up your jumper?

Let me know in the comments!

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